Creating A Pre-Save Smart Link

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How to create a pre-save that automatically converts to a released smart link on release day. 

In this article, you will learn how to properly set up a pre-save smart link. On the day your music becomes available, the link will automatically convert over to a released version and you can continue sharing the same smart link to direct fans to your music.

To learn how to create a released smart link, refer to this article.

Getting Started

Click on your "Smart Links / Pre-Save" tab:

Select the first option "Pre-Release / Pre-Save":

Key Release Information

Set the date, time, and time zone that your link should convert from pre-save to released:

This will be the day and time that your link is converted over, and the pre-saved music is added to your fans' libraries.

Insert a URL, URI, UPC, or ISRC code for your music that we can use to scan against on release date and convert your link over for you. Please ask your distributor for this if you do not know where to get it.

[NOTE: You do not need to have a scan source plugged in right away in order to begin sharing your pre-save. Because pre-saving requires account authorization from the fan, we remember every user who has pre-saved your music and will only add it to their library once a valid scan source has been implemented.]

Streaming Service / Store Selection supports pre-save on Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer. There are two fields to fill in for each of these services:

"Default Link": where you put the URL the music will be live on if you have it in advance. You can choose to rely on the overall scan source to pull this field in as well; it is not mandatory to complete, though advised if you have it.

"Post Pre-Save Destination": where you would like to send a fan after they successfully complete the pre-save. This could be to an insta-grat track from an overall album release, an official artist profile on a DSP, etc.

Spotify Multiple Follows
You can prompt a fan to follow up to three, additional Spotify accounts once they complete your pre-save. These can be either artist, user, or playlist profiles. The fan can choose to follow or opt out as they'd like. To learn more about setting this feature up, click here.

Adding Additional Stores

Any additional pre-orders or websites that you would like to include on your link can be manually adding in by scrolling to the bottom and clicking in the "Search Store" field. Once you select the service you wish to add, click "Add Store", and then add:

Selecting Stores For POST Release Auto Scan

If you would like to have a store appear on your released link, but not your pre-save link, you can add the store and leave the field blank. As long as there is an AUTOSCAN ON option next to the store, it will be scanned on release date, and added to your released link.

Once you've completed your store and service setup, click next or refer to your link settings tab on the left.

Link Settings

In this section, you can customize your link and landing page settings.

Link URL

Customize the shortcode of your URL / choose a custom sub-domain to apply.

[Pro Tip: we strongly recommend a shortcode/slug that is related to your release.]

Page Layout

Choose between our Basic or Advanced layouts.

[Read more about these settings in this article]


The cover for your smart link (can be imported from a URL; this should be the album artwork for your release.)


The title of your smart link (can be imported from a URL; this should be the artist name and title of the music.) 


A short description below the title of the smart link.

[NOTE: title and description will not automatically update on release date. You must update these fields manually.]

Preview Source

Choose which service you'd like people to preview your music with on your smart link. We support any live DSP preview in addition to full YouTube embeds and Soundcloud embeds.

Stores Order

Configure the display order of music services (or stick to the default one).

[Note: After link settings are configured, you may click on save and your smart link will be created. However, you can also refer to Social Icons, Social Cards, and Advanced Settings for additional customizations.]

Social Icons (Optional)

Include social media profile icons at the bottom of your smart link. Configure these first in your artist folder to have them auto populate, or manually add them in yourself:

Social Cards (Optional)

Customize how your pre-save will appear on Facebook and Twitter when you share it:

[Note: your link has default settings, and they're already pretty great and depended on the information you added in link settings section.]

Advanced settings (optional)

Configure retargeting pixels for Facebook or Google, add Amazon or Apple affiliate codes, push traffic to your Google Analytics, add custom terms of service and privacy policy.

Learn more about setting up Advanced Settings here.

Where can I find my Pre-Save URL?

Go to your SMART LINKS/PRE-SAVES list:

Click on Get Link or click on the URL below the title of your smart link.

Your pre-save is now live and ready to be shared!

Not sure what to do next? Check this article on how to understand your pre-save analytics.