Where to get your URLs for Pre-Save links

Short answer - Ask your distributor

Pre-Saves & Pre-Orders are highly beneficial to both artists and their fans, ensuring your music is saved and not forgotten on release day. Feature.fm currently supports Pre-Saves on Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music & Deezer in your pre-release links as well as lets you add other stores where your music might be available for Pre-Order like iTunes and Amazon.

Sometimes finding your URLs ahead of your release date can be tricky, but it shouldn’t be. Below is a guide for where to find your URLs ahead of your release.

*Reminder: With Feature.fm, you don’t need your music's URLs to create, share and start letting fans Pre-Save your music. You can create your Pre-Saves, start sharing them, and start getting Pre-Saves. Learn more: Do I need to know my released URL in order to set up a Pre-Save?

So, where do I get my URLs before release day?

For Spotify, Apple Music & Deezer:

The short answer is ask your distributor! In this case, your best friend is your distributor. They are responsible for your digital distribution, which gets your music on streaming platforms and stores.

You can ask your distributor to provide any of the following formats for your music. We accept them any of these formats to complete your Pre-Save:

  1. UPC
  2. ISRC
  3. Service URLs (Spotify or Apple Music URLs recommended)
  4. Spotify URI

It should be relatively easy to connect with your distributor to get you this information ahead of time. Please keep in mind that digital distributors are not always speedy. We recommend reaching out to them some time ahead of your release date.

For other pre-order stores like iTunes, Amazon or your merch store

This one is easy. If you delivered your music for Pre-Order to any additional stores like iTunes, Amazon or put onto your merch store, you simply take the URL for those stores and enter them into the appropriate store links in Feature.fm when setting up your Pre-Save