Do I need to know my released music's URL in order to set up a Pre-Save?

No, you do not need to know your release URL to create, share, and start getting Pre-Saves.

One misconception about creating a Pre-Save is that you need to know your released music's URLs to get started.

With, you don’t need your music's URLs ahead of time to create, share and start letting fans Pre-Save your music. You can create your Pre-Saves, start sharing them, and start getting Pre-Saves. Just add your URLs when you have them.

Here's how it works:

  1. Create and share your Pre-Saves without having your URLs before release day. 
  2. Fans will be able to still Pre-Save and we'll remember them.
  3. As long as you add your music's URL, UPC, ISRC or Spotify URI to your Pre-Save once you get it, we will complete the Pre-Saves for your music and ensure your fans get it on release day. Where to get your URLs for Pre-Save Links

Learn how to create a Pre-Save: Creating A Pre-Save Smart Link

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