Pre-Save - What happens from set up to release date?

Everything you need to know about creating a Pre-Save link.



1. Set up your pre-save. Follow these steps to create a pre save. 

Set up Spotify Multiple Follows with artist, playlists or other users for fans to follow on Spotify now.

When fans Pre-Save, your Spotify Multiple Follow entities will be followed right away. By getting the follows now, you'll get on release radar and your fans can get notifications from Spotify when your music is out.

You can prompt a fan to follow up to three additional Spotify entities upon completing your pre-save. These can be either artist, user or playlist profiles. The fan can choose to opt out of one or more of these as they'd like. To learn more about setting this feature up, click here.

Add other Pre-Order services to your landing page

Is your music also available for Pre-Order on iTunes, Amazon or your own merch store?

Make sure to include additional stores that fans can Pre-Order or Pre-Save your music like iTunes, Amazon or your Official Store. You can do this by simply entering the existing URLs to those stores so they appear in your landing page.

Fan Experience

1. Fan clicks Pre-Save and is asked to connect their streaming account to give permission to complete the Pre-Save.

2. Upon completing Pre-Save, they are given a success message with additional options to:

  • Add music to a playlist
  • Create a new playlist
  • Share their email address with you to use for future marketing purposes 
  • For Spotify, the fan is presented with the "multiple follows" that you selected to edit

If a visitor wishes to follow some objects or not follow anything at all, they can click the edit button to check to change their follow settings.

Once the visitor is happy with his follow settings and click COMPLETE their Spotify account will immediately follow the approved objects to follow. 

What happens on Release Day?

1. On the release date, time and time-zone you chose, your Pre-Save landing page will convert from a Pre-Save page to a regular released music Smart Link where fans can now go to listen to your music since it's out. 

2. On the release date, we'll add the music libraries and playlists of everyone who pre-saved and for Deezer, we'll also automatically follow the artist that day.