What is the difference between Local and Global Pre-Save release?

Our standard Global Release option means your Pre-Save converts at the same time, all at once, everywhere in the world. All you have to do is set the exact release date, time, and timezone that you are based in. This option is available to all of our customers.


Our premium Local Release option is available to our Pro customers (Pro Artist and up). With this option, you can set up your Pre-Save link to convert at the local midnight within each timezone. This creates a more unified fan experience as most music lovers are expecting their new music to drop at midnight, and it also supports your Pre-Save and Conversion performance. 

Benefits of Local Release:

  • Allows you to collect as many pre-saves as possible until the last possible minute before your release drops in that time zone. E.g. Your fans in Hawaii can still pre-save until midnight HST, while fans in London can already begin streaming.
  • Once your music releases, your Pre-Save converts to a Music Smart Link. With Local Release, this will ensure your fans can easily stream your music as soon as it's available in their time zone. Without this, you may be missing out on streams! 
  • Ensures that your fans will not be encounter a broken link, e.g. by seeing a "Play" button before the release is available in their time zone. E.g. You are an artist based in Australia with fans in the U.K. and/or U.S.


Need to upgrade your plan now and enable Local Release for your next Pre-Save campaign? Complete that step here.