What is Pre-Save Deep Linking?

Deep Links are a type of link that send users directly to an app instead of a website or a store. For a Pre-Save, Deep-Linking is used for the authorization of the pre-save before it is made available. With Feature.fm Pre-Saves, we currently support a Deep-Linking for pre-saves that happen on both Android and iOS devices for Spotify (available on all paid plans). 

Without Deep-Linking, pre-saving fans in a mobile mini-browser (like from Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter) would have to re-login to their Spotify accounts to complete the authorization. But for any Pre-Save made while on a paid plan, Feature.fm checks for an active Spotify session to complete the pre-save without the fan having to do a thing!

If fans have never pre-saved on Spotify through any Feature.fm pre-save, they will still need to accept the third-party permissions when prompted. After that, all future pre-saves should happen automatically.