Integrating Amazon Music as a service for API/Enterprise Clients

We have recently completed an integration with Amazon Music's API. automatically finds your music in tons of music streaming services and stores for you. 
This deeper integration will allow us to more accurately match releases when auto-scanned on release day. With this integration, we have streamlined our Amazon Music stores and their store IDs in the API so they will be re-categorized as below:
  • Amazon Music (Streaming) ---> amazon
  • Amazon Music (MP3) ---> amazonstore
  • Amazon Store (CD & Vinyl) ---> amazoncdvinyl
  • Amazon Prime Video ---> amazonprimevideo
The stores above will replace the current ones on the web platform and will see the removal of the Amazon Music Unlimited store.
Note: The Amazon Music Unlimited store already live on previously created landing pages will continue to work as expected but any future links you create should utilize the stores above.
Store IDs in the list above may need to be updated for your default settings in the API. For further instructions on updating Default Settings and creating links utilizing Amazon stores, please see this article. 
If you have any questions or need any assistance from us or our tech team please let us know by reaching out to your Dedicated Account Manager or