Sign into your TikTok Business Account to get started.

You can then start creating your pixel by clicking on 'Event' in the 'Assets' section.  

Click on 'Website Pixel' and 'Manage'. 


1. Create a pixel: Name your pixel and get the pixel code.

pixel 1

2. Install pixel: Select add manually. We now support the TikTok Pixel so you no longer need to go through Google Tag Manager. 


pixel 2

3. Select Standard Mode (recommended)


4. Set your Event rules. 

5. Then go into your Events Manager and copy the Pixel ID.


How to find your existing pixel code:

  1. Click on 'Event' under Assets.
  1. Click on 'Manage' under Website Pixel. 
  1. Click on the pixel to enter the pixel details page.
  1. Scroll down and click on 'Install Pixel Code.'
  1. Click on 'Manually Install Pixel Code' to access your pixel code.