Getting your TikTok Pixel from pixel code

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Getting started

Sign into your TikTok for Business Ads Manager Account to get started.

Navigate to "Tools" in the top left Nav bar and select Events (under "Management")

For links, you will select "Web Events" and click Manage.   

Create your TikTok pixel

  1. Click Set Up Web Events button and then, if prompted, choose "TikTok pixel" as the Connection Method.
  2. Select Manual Setup and hit "Next"
  3. Name your pixel. We recommend naming it something recognizable so you know this is the pixel you are using for Hit "Next"
  4. Set your Event Parameters with Custom Code 

Step 1:


Step 2:


Step 3:


Step 4:

How to find your existing pixel code

  1. ​From your TikTok Ad account dashboard, navigate to "Tools" and select Events
  1. Click Manage under Website Events
  1. Locate the pixel you are using for FFM and copy the ID

Grab your pixel ID and add to your Link Settings

Additional Resources

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