Facebook / Meta Pixel

1. Go to Events Manager in Meta Business Suite. 



2a. If you have already created a Meta pixel, you will find it in "Data Sources" and then you can follow this article for setting the pixel up in your FFM account.


2b. If you are creating a new Meta Pixel, you will select "+ Connect Data Sources" and continue with the following steps. 

3. Select "Web" and click "Connect"

4. Name your pixel and click "Create Pixel"

5. You will be prompted to add your website domain, you can skip this step. Simply "X" out of the window


6. Your new pixel will now be listed in "Data Sources," copy the ID and add to your Account Settings in Feature.fm. More guidance on that in this article 


A note: This process of setting up your Meta Retargeting Pixel in Feature.fm allows you to begin sending and tracking the actions your audience take when interacting with your landing pages. With this data, you will be able to create custom audiences that you can then retarget with Facebook ad campaigns. 

To learn more about the event data, parameters and values Feature.fm sends to your Meta Event Manager check out these two articles:

Retargeting events, parameters & data sent to your Facebook and Google Ad accounts

List of values sent with retargeting data parameters


If you want to setup custom events to run custom conversion ads, you will need to register a custom domain or subdomain. More info on that here