Connecting the Meta (Facebook) Conversions API in

What is the Meta Conversion API (CAPI) and why is it useful?

The Meta Conversion API enables you to send event data from landing pages to your Meta Business Manager account. The CAPI is similar to retargeting pixels in that it captures and sends information about the activity on your smart links so that you can track conversions and run conversion campaigns. The CAPI is more reliable in sending this data as it isn't limited by browser restrictions or third-party cookie settings. 

Setting up your CAPI is simple and can be done in the following steps.

How do I setup the Meta CAPI?

Step 1: Create / Select a Meta Pixel

To use the CAPI, you'll first need to select which Meta Pixel you're going to use. If you haven't yet created a Meta Pixel, or want to setup a new pixel to use for, follow the steps in this article. Once you've got the pixel you're going to use, navigate over to the Settings tab for that individual pixel. 

Step 2: Generate a Conversion API Access Token from your Facebook Events Manager

Once you're inside your Events Manager dashboard, navigate to Settings for the individual pixel you're using and scroll down to Conversions API, then select Generate access token. This will create an alphanumerical ID. 


Step 3: Copy this Access Token code and paste into your Default Link Settings

Copy the Access Token code and navigate back to your account Default Link Settings (from dropdown menu in top right corner of your dashboard). Create a new CAPI pixel and paste the Access Token ID into the appropriate field.

Step 4: Give the token a name and save it

You can name the CAPI token in your Default Link Settings, making it easy to identify and select the correct pixel on other smart links. 

Step 5: Add the token ID to any existing Artist folders and Smart Links 

Once you've added the Token to your Default Link Settings, it will automatically be applied to all new Artist folders and Smart Links you create thereafter. For any existing folders / smart links, you will need to manually add the ID to the individual Default Link Settings (for folders) and Link Advanced Settings (for smart links) in the same way you added it into your Account Settings. 

Will the CAPI pixel apply to all smart links?

The CAPI pixel you setup in Default Link Settings for each Artist folder or account will automatically populate in all new smart links created once the pixel is added. For existing smart links, the CAPI pixel will need to be added manually in Link Settings for those smart links.