How to integrate custom Javascript in Google Tag Manager when a fan clicks to a store

Use Google Tag Manager to fire events on a store click.

To send an analytics event / advertising pixel, or any custom javascript code that will trigger a store click be sure that:

  1. The correct GTM ID is set in your Smart-Link (Advanced Settings)
  2. In GTM add this method with your custom code
window.FfmClickEventListener = function (store, cta, properties) {
// custom JS code here

(see a demo at the end of this article)

You can also set an event listener on link preview button:

if (document.getElementById(‘play-button’)) {
   document.getElementById(‘play-button’).addEventListener(“click”,function(e) {
     // custom JS code here

note: you always have the re-targeting parameters you set in the "Advanced Settings"
available in window.ffmTargetingVariables global variable.

example of calling window.ffmTargetingVariables in the console:


That's it! 


Demo - how to send Google Analytics event only on Beatport store clicks: