What is retargeting and how can it help me?

How does Facebook & Google Retargeting work and what can you do with it.

Have you ever been surfing through your news feed and see an ad for guitars after taking a look at a few on Google? Or maybe you've taken a look at a product on Amazon and then see an ad for that product? 

Retargeting allows you to target ads to people who engaged with your music already. 

When you place a retargeting pixel from Facebook Ads and Google Adwords in Feature.fm, retargeting tracks your fans' activity and engagements with your ffm landing pages and then retargets your ads to a customized audience of your choice. Next time a user goes on Facebook or searches Google, your ad will show to that fan based on his/her previous engagements with your landing pages. 


So what can you do with Retargeting?

Retargeting allows you to target ads to people based on certain actions or behaviors that they've taken. Below are just some examples of audiences you can create to target ads to:

  • Target ads to anyone who visited one of your ffm landing pages. 
  • Target ads to only fans who use Spotify. Or Apple Music. Or Any service.
  • Target ads only to fans who Pre-Saved your music. 
  • Target ads for merch or concert ticket to fans who have already clicked to listen to your music.
  • Target ads to fans who clicked on links related to Hip Hop.
  • Target ads to fans by location to create awareness about your next gig.  
  • Target fans who follow your playlists.
  • Target ads for a contest to fans who complete a click through on your Action Pages.


What are the benefits of retargeting?

The ultimate benefit of retargeting is to help you get more revenue and streams for every dollar spent. It helps you to not waste your ad dollars by creating hyper targeted ads that only reach the right users. By doing this, you are able to:

  • Increase sales & streams
  • Increase conversions
  • Increase customers
  • increase fans
  • Get more followers
  • Get more out of your ad dollars

The possibilities are endless!