List of values sent with retargeting data parameters

What is the list of values for the retargeting parameters that sends to Facebook Ads and Google AdWords

When sends retargeting events to your Facebook Ads and Google AdWords programs, we'll send custom parameters with event data values so you can create audiences based on things like preferred music services, favorite artists, favorite genres, and other behaviors.

You can learn more about the actions and list of data parameters here.

This article will provide you with the definitions of each parameter and the list of values that could be included with each parameter.

Parameters List:

Below are the parameters that can be sent when your retargeting pixel is fired with the 'FeatureFM' event.

  • [action]
  • [servicename]:
  • [url]
  • [artist]
  • [linkType]
  • [cta]
  • [tags]
  • [artists]
  • [artist_id]
  • [song_name]
  • [title]:
  • [album_name]

Definitions and possible values of Parameters


This parameter is the action that a fan took on your landing page and triggers your retargeting pixel to be fired.

The possible values for [action] could be:

  • pageview
  • musicservice
  • preview
  • pre_save

You can learn more about the definitions of actions in the Retargeting events & data parameters article.


This parameter is the music service or store name that a fan clicks on. This parameter is only sent when the [action] is 'musicservice' when a fan clicks to a music service or store from your landing page or Direct to Store Link.

Here is a list of the more popular values for [servicename]:

Streaming & Download:

  • spotify
  • apple
  • itunes
  • deezer
  • amazonstore
  • amazon
  • amazonmusicunlimited
  • youtube
  • youtubemusic
  • pandora
  • soundcloud
  • audiomack
  • googleplay
  • tidal
  • traxsource
  • beatport
  • beatsource
  • junodownload
  • claromusica  
  • anghami
  • saavn
  • bandcamp
  • sevendigital
  • emusic
  • qobuz
  • jpc
  • jphifi
  • fnac
  • amoebamusic
  • arkivmusic
  • qqmusic
  • linemusic
  • kugou
  • joox
  • xiami
  • ginzase


  • ticketfly
  • ticketmaster
  • tourdates
  • songkick

General stores, artist sites and merch:

  • officialstore
  • offiicalsite
  • joinmailinglist
  • localrecordstore
  • presave
  • preorder


  • bestbuy
  • target
  • walmart


  • genius


  • facebook
  • instagram
  • snapchat
  • twitter

Video streaming:

  • netflix
  • youtube

Here's how you can find any store value that's not on this list:

  1. Go to your Smart Links in
  2. Click "Get Link"
  3. Hover over "Direct Link" and click the "+" sign
  4. Click on the service you need to get the Direct to Store link
  5. Use the value at the end of the URL ([shortcode]/[servicename]


This parameter will include custom tags you set such as the genres of music related to your link, moods or activities. It is an extremely useful parameter to create audiences based on their preferred music tastes, broken down by genre or activities and moods like "workout" or "happy".

The list of genres comes from the streaming service of your Scan Link or next best available option if that source is blank. You can also customize the "tags" field when creating your link.

For example, if you scan a Spotify URL, the genres list will include the genres that Spotify provides us from your scanned link. If Spotify returns a blank genres list, we will use another service, such as Apple.

For any link, you can view the list of genres that will be sent to your retargeting programs by going to your advanced settings of your link.

If you'd like to set default genres on the artist level so a certain artist will always return the same genre values, you can do that in your artist settings. 


This parameter indicates if your link is a Pre-Release page or a Released page. For example, It can be useful to use this parameter to create audiences who visited a Pre-Save page.

The possible values for the [linkType] parameter are:

  • pre_release
  • post_release


This parameter is the internal "Artist Folder" name that your link is created under. For example, if your account has 2 Artist Folders called "Artist A" and "Artist B" and your link is created under "Artist B" then this value would be "Artist B".

This is not to be confused with another parameter called [artists].


This parameter with the "s" at the end is different than the [artist ] parameter. This parameter is the list of artists that are actually performing on the song. This value typically is pulled from the service of your scan source such as Spotify.

For example, if you create a Smart Link where the artists on the song are BTS feat. Halsey, then this parameter will have 2 values: "BTS" and "Halsey".