A one time link allows you to have access to multiple tools that are available on our Marketer Plans!

This is not a subscription to the Marketer plan rather, a one time purchase. One time pro links cost a single charge of $50. The data you collect on any smart link is all yours for life in addition to:

  • Spotify, Apple Music & Deezer Pre-Save & Pre-Order
  • Smart Links to all music services
  • Gated Action Pages
  • Audience contacts & insights
  • Collect fan emails on any landing page
  • Get multiple Spotify follows from one click
  • YouTube Subscribers on any landing page
  • Generate Ad Retargeting Audiences

You have the ability to make any of your Smart links a Pro link. Please click here to learn how to upgrade your links.

If you have multiple links that you’d like to make Pro and you’re looking for a more cost effective solution, you may want to consider our Marketer plans! To get a full overview of inclusions visit our pricing plan or reach out to community@feature.fm or support@feature.fm and we'd be happy to assist you.