Quick guide on adding an attractive and clickable landing page in your website.
Feature.fm gives you the ability to showcase your landing pages on your website. There are two options:
  1. Use an iframe code to fully embed a link into your site
  2. Use our pre-generated widget code

Use an iframe code

Embed your landing page directly into your website with this code:

 <iframe src="yourlink" width="350" height="900" frameBorder="0">


*You must insert your Smart Link/Pre Save Link and can adjust dimensions accordingly by changing "350" (width) & "900" (height) to fit your page.*


Example link (link & dimensions are bolded for instruction purposes)

<iframe src="https://ffm.to/lincolnjesserstream" width="350" height="900" frameBorder="0">


With this code, your preview will look like our standard smart link landing page (see example below). You can either test out your iframe code while editing your website or you can test it on an online code editor/playground such as JSFiddle or CodePen.

Check out how this artist embedded our Smart Link to create a really unique design!



Use the pre-generated Feature.fm widget code

You can embed our widgets using our pre-generated codes. Click the three dots next to "Get Link" and select Get Widget. Copy the HTML code and paste into your website.

This will render a different display than the first option. See screenshots below.

Step 1

Step 2
Display format
To learn more about getting your widget code in feature.fm, click here.
Note: To embed a Contest page, you will need to use the iframe code provided in Option 1.