What is a Smart Link?

In today’s world, people use a variety of different streaming services, so it is difficult for an artist to make a decision of which song link to share. If you solely share your music on Spotify, for example, and most of your audience streams music on Apple, you are losing potential customers!

Smart Link is a shareable URL that automatically reroutes fans to your music within their preferred streaming service. You can share your song, without needing to face the risky decision of which streaming services to direct users to. Every user engagement is recorded, enhancing and deepening analytics, statistics and much more.


 This is a preview of the page where your fans would be directed to so they could choose their preferred music streaming service


How do Smart Links Work?

Once fans click on your link, they are automatically redirected to a personally designed page, where they can then choose which music streaming service they prefer. 

The fans data is being collected in your Smart Link statistics; you can track user engagements with your Feature.fm Smart Link, and can use this data collected in your Smart Link statistics to create custom audiences.

By creating and using retargeting pixels in your Facebook Ads and Google Adwords accounts, you can retarget specific audiences in those platforms, helping to avoid wasted clicks. For example, you can target Facebook Ads specifically to people who clicked on your link and listen to Spotify.


How do I obtain access to Smart Link?  

Sign up to Feature.fm and create a Smart Link! You can access the free version, purchase a Pro Link, or subscribe to one of our marketing suite plans for unlimited access.