Use the "Auto Redirect" tool under "Routing rules."

This tool lets you automatically send fans to a service of your choice after they've been on your landing page without clicking any service for a few seconds. Send them to the service of your choice after inactivity on your link.

For example, if someone visits your landing page and doesn't click any service after 3 seconds, you can automatically send them to Spotify.


As a best practice, this rule should only be used for Released Smart Links and not Pre-Release links.

  1. Create a new "Smart Link" and go to the "Link Settings". In the "Routing Rules" select the box called "enable Idle Timeout Redirection".
  2. Choose how many seconds before you want to send fans to a service.
  3. Choose the service you want to send the fan to.
  4. Now fans will be automatically sent to a service of your choice if they don't click anything on your landing page.