In addition to including any podcast service in your landing pages, we've added new support for Spotify Podcasts to use in your Action Pages, Bio Links and even Pre-Saves. 

How to create an Action Page to promote your Spotify Podcast:

1. Create a new Action Page under the Action Pages tab in your dashboard. Choose Spotify and "Save" as your action. 


Click next step. Choose a future release date (even if show is already released). Insert your show link into the "Spotify URL to Save" field. Change your "Button Test" to read follow, rather than pre save.


Make sure to scroll down to edit your Post Action Settings. You can collect emails on your action page, add an automatic artist follow, and send visitors to the URL of your choice after following your show. 


Once your action button for "Follow" has been added you'll be able to add a preview to your Action Page under the link creation tab while editing your link. Click save and you're ready to start sharing! 



How to create a Pre Save to promote your Spotify Podcast:

Create a new Pre-Save link in your dashboard. Set your release date into the future so that the link does not convert into a Smart Link. Otherwise, the follow action will not complete. Drop in your Spotify Podcast show link into the scan source. You can also insert it manually under Spotify. You'' have the ability to add an automatic artist follow below Spotify.


Edit the Link URL to your liking, add an image, title, and description.


Finally, make sure to edit the Call to Action description next to Spotify to read "Follow" instead of "Pre-Save". Click Save. You're ready to start sharing your new Spotify Podcast Promotion link.



Add a button to your Bio Link to promote your Spotify Podcast:

Create a Pre-Save and install it on your Bio Link. You'll have to create a Pre-Save prior to this step (See above: How to create a Pre Save to promote your Spotify Podcast). To add it as a button, click "add new button" and select Smart Link. A list of your active links will appear. Edit the text on your button to your liking.