In this article, we'll teach you how to create a standard smart link aka a Release Link.

A smart link is a very useful asset while promoting your release. If you're not sure what a smart link is, refer to the following article.

Tutorial video:

Getting started

First, choose an artist and click on Enter.

Then look for Create a Music Smart Link section and click on Create.

Link creation

The first step in creating your smart link is to make sure the music services you wish to use are enabled.

Add music services

To add more music services, scroll down and click on Search Store, choose the music service you wish to add and click on Add Store

Remove music services

To remove a music service, click on the X button.

Add A Scan Source

Once the required music services are configured, scroll back up Enter a URL/Link of a song, album, playlist from your favorite music service (DSP) in the Scan Source text box and click on Scan.

Tip: UPC and ISRC are also supported.

Our system will now try to automatically locate and match release in the scan source submitted across all music services.

In case a match is found, it will look as follows:

In case we failed to find a match, the URL of the respective music service will remain empty and autoscan will remain ON (which means we'll keep looking for your release until we find it).

In addition, you can manually entered the URL you wish to use for this music service. We'll make sure it's valid and show you the title of the URL below the URL field for your convenience. 😉 

One done, click next or refer to link settings tab.

Link settings

In this section, you can customize your link and landing page settings.

Link URL

This is where we can customize the url of our smart link.

Pro Tip: we strongly recommend a shortcode/slug that is related to your release.

Page Layout

Choose between our Basic or Advanced layouts.

Look for the preview section on the right to see how each one looks.


The cover for your smart link (can be imported from a URL.)


The title of your smart link (can be imported from a URL.)


A short description below the title of the smart link.

Preview Source

Choose which service to use for people to preview the music in the smart link.

Stores Order

Configure the display order of music services (or stick to the default one).

Note: After link settings are configured, you may click on Save and your smart link will be created. However, you can also refer to Social Icons, Social Cards, and Advanced Settings for additional customizations.

Social icons (optional)

include social media profile icons at the bottom of your smart link.

Social cards (optional)

Customize how you wish this smart link to appears on social media while being shared/posted.

Note: your link has default settings, and they're already pretty great and depended on the information you added in link settings section.

Advanced settings (optional)

Configure retargeting pixels for Facebook or Google, add Amazon or Apple affiliate codes, push traffic to your google analytics, add custom terms of service and privacy policy.

Where can I find the smart link URL?

Go to your SMART LINKS/PRE-SAVES list.

And click on Get Link or copy the URL below the title of your smart link.

Your smart link is now active.

I don't know what to do next...

If you need any assistance, let us know by opening a chat in the lower right hand corner of your screen as shown below. We're here to help 😄