A guide on how to read your pre-save statistics. 

For each Pre-Save you create on Feature.fm, we'll show you a report of important analytics, which you'll find by navigating to the Smart Links page and selecting the Insights option to the right of your Pre-Save. 



This section will show you the total number of Pre-Saves you collected and the delivery status once you reach the release date. For both, you can see these numbers in total and broken down by service. 


There are four possible states that make up the delivery progress bar. This is what each status means: 

  • Successfully Delivered: Content that has been sent to the library your fans’ have requested during the Pre-Save.
  • Queued for Delivery: Content that has not yet been sent to your fans’ but is either about to be processed for delivery or, in the case of a local release, is waiting to be available in your fans’ territories.
  • Pending Source: Content that has not been sent because the source - the link or ISRC/UPC of your content - is either invalid or missing. Edit your SmartLink with the corrected link within three days of the release date to successfully deliver your Pre-Save to your fans.
  • Couldn’t Be Delivered: Content that could not be delivered to the fans’ library. A common reason this can happen will be because the fan removed the authorization token before the release date, or if the correct content source was not supplied within three days of the release date.


These are all the fans that have been collected through your Pre-Save Smart Link. Here you can search for individual fans by email address and see their details - including whether they have received the pre-saved content (as shown by the activated icon under the Actions column) or not.



The numbers here help to break down the overall traffic to your Smart Link. Here is what each of those numbers mean:

1) Total visits: the amount of times your link received a click (this could be include one person clicking multiple times, not uniques)

2) Unique users: how many times an individual person clicked on your link (they could have clicked more than once, as we can see the total link clicks are higher on this campaign)

3) Clicks to service: how many times an action button was clicked on by a user (again, this could include one person clicking multiple times...they could leave the page open and click on it a few times before closing, etc.)


Just because someone clicks on a service (that 8.3k number), it doesn't indicate that they completed the pre-save. Always use the number from the Pre-Save Delivery Analytics for that figure!



 These sections breakdown the traffic to your Smart Link by how your fans are arriving there. 
  • Top Channels - This shows traffic by different Organic and Paid channels. You can differentiate this by matching how your share the Pre-Save using the Channel Tracking links (read more about that here).
  • Top Activities - This shows traffic by tagged activities - like specific posts or newsletters - which you can set up (read more about that here).
  • Top Referrals - This shows traffic by specific web locations - like the specific domains that a visitor came from when they visited your Smart Link.