1. Audience Dashboard (Pro only feature)

feature.fm offers a centralized audience dashboard where you can keep track of your collected audience emails. Email collection can be utilized for a number of purposes such as picking a winner to give VIP tickets to, grow your mailing list, or to get a better understanding of who is listening to your music and where.

You fans emails will be listed, along with their locations and ages. You can see what preferred streaming services they use and whether or not they’re on a paid or free plan. 

In our dashboard you’re able to export your entire email list. To do this, click on “export” shown below. A download of your email list will commence in .csv format.  

Segmentation can also be used to identify different demographics. Let’s say you wanted check out all of the how many of your fan emails were from Paid Apple Music users in Chile.

Start by checking off audience filters to the left of your screen, and the list will update to those parameters. 

It’s also possible to save that segment from Chile that we just created. Simply click on “Save Segment” in the upper right hand corner next to export, and your .csv file will download. 

Your audience data is accessible to you for life!

2. Individual Smart Link, Pre-Save, or Action page analytics.

You can also access fan email addresses and audience insights for an individual link like a pre-save. Click on the small bar graphics to the right of your links to access your insights.

Scroll down the page to view your audience specific to your link. 

Other analytics included in addition to your audience data are your Timeline, Top Channels, Activities, Top Referrals, Top Services and Locations.

For more information on reading these insights, check out Understanding Pre-Save Analytics