Easily share your marketing analytics externally with the Analytics Share URL.

You have the ability to share real time analytics for any Smart Link, Pre-Save, or Action Page campaign that you run within Feature.fm. To share your dashboard with an outside party (such as a manager, a publicist, or even the artist themselves), first click into your Insights on your homepage for the specific link you would like to share:

From there, toggle on the top "Share this report" button:

This will create a unique URL that you can share; anyone who has access to this URL can view all of your statistics in real time, with the same interactivity that you see within your own dashboard when you are logged in; they do not need to have a Feature.fm account created in order to access this. Hit "copy" and this will copy the URL to your clipboard.

If you'd like to remove an outside user's access to this page, you can untoggle the button off and that will render the original URL defunct. From there, you can always create a new URL to begin sharing:

[Note: If your campaign has an email collection component, we will not display the first party data that you have garnered, to protect your own privacy. Instead, the top figures will show only.]

Learn more about understanding pre-save analytics here.