How to add Instagram's "Use My Audio" button to any link

Include the new Instagram "Use My Audio" button on any Pre-Save or Smart Link and add the URL from Instagram to your music so fans can be taken directly to your song in Instagram to use in their videos!

1. Create a new Pre-Save or Smart Link in

2. Search for the Instagram "Use My Audio" store and add it to your link (You can also add this store to your defaults if you wish)Screen_Shot_2021-11-03_at_4.26.27_PM.png

3. Grab the Instagram URL to your music in Instagram. You can do this by finding your music in Instagram (Instagram calls it "Audio") and copying the link:


4. Enter your "Audio" URL in the "Use My Audio" store to include it in your link.


5. Share your link! When fans click "Use My Audio," they'll be taken directly to your song in Instagram, ready to use it in a new reel.

Here is an example: