Let fans text and WhatsApp you from your Bio Link and Landing Pages!

1) Start by editing an existing link or creating a new link. You’ll add an additional store as you normally would within the link creation tab.

2) Search for “Text Me” or "WhatsApp" in your stores list.


3) Insert the number in the corresponding field. You can also use your Community, Active Campaign, or other Virtual SMS phone number to get emails from fans. 



4) The pre-made CTA (call-to-action) for the store is “Text Me” but if you’d like to change it, you can always override and change it in your link settings after adding your store to your link. For example, you can change “Text Me” to “Ask Away!”. You also have the option of changing the store name. For example, "Talk to me" can be changed to your phone number "555-555-555".


5) Test out your link! Go to your link’s URL click on your “Text Me” store. You’ll automatically be taken to your phone’s messaging app. Supported Messaging Apps include WhatsApp and those native to Apple & Android.