Bio links allow you to add many different kinds of actions, links and even an email subscribe button all in one place. They're used to provide more than one link option for posts on Instagram or TikTok for you to drive your fans to a destination outside of these ecosystems.

Beyond the obvious use case, you can also use Bio Links in a few interesting ways you might've not thought about.

YouTube Video Premiere

The first way you can utilize a Bio Link landing page is to use it as the place where you premiere a music video using an unlisted YouTube link as an embed at the very top. 


If you are using a Bio Link for a music release of any kind (single, EP, or album), there's always a piece of content that will be part of your marketing plan whether it's a music video, lyric video or a thank you message from the artist talking about the new release. 

On your Bio Link page, you can embed the content you want to promote, add action buttons underneath the video to save the track, EP or album on their streaming service of choice and if you've got your Facebook and Google Pixels installed retarget all the fans who watch the video on your landing page. 

Livestream Performance

Artists are starting to incorporate more interactive components to their release strategies and one of these trends is the livestream. Livestream performances enable you to connect with your audience without having to worry about physical distance. 

If you've got a planned livestream for your new release, why not embed it on your Bio Links landing page and capture actionable data you'd otherwise not be able to use. 

You can schedule the livestream as a live performance and promote it as such on your socials (you promote this by creating a Smart Link). Then on the day of the performance you can add the livestream video platform you choose to use as the video embed option on your Bio Links landing page. Then push the start button and you're set to go!

By choosing to do this on your Bio Links landing page, you can capture your audience data using a Facebook and Google pixel in your page and retarget the audience when your release is out to push your streams. 

Listening Party

The listening party is a time honored tradition for building the anticipation of an upcoming release to your audience. You can do a listening party through digital platforms such as Vertigo Music, Soundtracking or a few other places. But what if you could hold a listening party on a page you built and can capture information on your audience you could leverage to your advantage? 

Well, we've got you covered with the Bio Links page. Just upload the songs for your new release as an unlisted playlist on Soundcloud with the artwork you plan on using. Take that playlist link and add a new button on your Bio Links landing page as an embed using the Soundcloud. Then for a specific amount of time make it available on the Bio Links page. Your listening party is ready to go!

With all these ideas, we want to empower our users to be as creative as possible when using this new feature so they can build up their audiences and use it to support their new releases.