Simple Links: Add links to websites, merch, articles, tour, tickets and more

Get the most out of your Bio Link by inserting any URL. With the “simple” link, you can insert any valid URL (artist website, publishings, ticketing, etc.) We’ll automatically populate the “icon” image from the URL, but you can always change it by uploading your own.

Existing Smart Link: Easily choose from any of your existing Smart Links, Action Pages or Pre Saves

Choose from your existing Smart Links, Pre-Saves & Action Pages that you've already created in and we'll automatically add it to your Bio Link with your artwork. 


Embed Links: Embed YouTube, Spotify, & Soundcloud.

Embed videos and music into Bio Links. We support embedding videos from YouTube and music from Spotify and Soundcloud. No code is needed- all you need is the URL and will do the rest. 



Email Links: Grow your newsletter subscribers with a built-in email collection form. 

Similar to our “Email Collection” tool, you can add an email collection form to your Bio Link, making it effortless for users to share their contact information with you. Your collected emails will be displayed on your insights and audience dashboard. For more information on where to find your Bio Link insights, click here.


Action Links: Follow, subscribe, add to library and more

Action buttons let fans follow, subscribe & add to library without leaving your page

Direct users to take action on your Bio Link. Much like our Action Pages, you can add buttons that direct actions on Spotify, Apple Music or YouTube. Customize your CTA (call to action) and insert the URL. We recommend using button text that encourages your audience to save your music, follow your artist profile, follow your playlist, etc.