After you set your weekly budget and press "Submit for Approval,"

You will then receive a message to input your payment information. We currently only accept credit card for weekly budgets.

How you will be charged with a weekly budget:

  • You will be charged weekly.
  • If you have funds in your balance, we will always use funds from your balance first.
  • If you do not have enough funds in your balance, you will be charged each week. For example, if you set a $35 weekly budget and have $25 in your balance, we'll use the $25 from your balance and charge only $10 the following week.
  • You will be charged each week to bring you back up to the amount you set as your weekly budget. For example, if you set a $35 weekly budget and spend only $30 in a week, you'll be charged $5 the following week.

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