Song upload

After naming your campaign, you will need to upload your song.

For a Deezer Campaign

You can enter either a Deezer Track URL or a song and artist name.

For a Website Campaign

You can either upload your song's mp3 file or you can input the link to your Youtube video or SoundCloud for the song.

Song details

Once your song is uploaded, you'll need to enter your song level details. Your song details are used to help find the most relevant listeners for you and include our song level information.

First, enter your song title.

Next, choose your song image. You can either select to use your artist image or you can upload a different image for this specific song. The song image is displayed when your song is played.

Next, enter your song genres and tags.

These genres and tags are used to play your song to the right listeners. Genres include the broader genre that your song fits into while tags get much more specific.

For genres, include only the relevant genres for your song. Typically, this is 2 to 3 at most.

For song tags, we recommend using as many relevant tags as possible. Think about what you want people to search for in order to find your song. Make sure to include genres, similar artists, moods, activities, and any other relevant tags. The more you use, the more potential listeners you can reach.

External song links

Finally, you can include external song URLs, such as YouTube or SoundCloud. Make sure you include the URL for the specific song and not to your channel or page.

SoundCloud: When you provide the SoundCloud URL for your song, we'll stream your song directly from SoundCloud. This will increase your play count on SoundCloud with every sponsored and organic play. 

Make sure your SoundCloud track URL and mp3 file are the same.

YouTube: When you provide the YouTube link for your song, your YouTube video will be included on your song page and any time your song is shared on social media.

Make sure your YouTube video is for the right song.

Buy song URL: You can add a URL to link directly to a page where the listener can buy your music. This link will be included while your song is being played!

We strongly recommended adding all of them if you have them!