Every campaign that is run through feature.fm needs to be approved before it can go live to fans through our streaming partners. In order for your campaign to be approved, you need to make sure it's ready for airplay.

Follow the below guidelines:

  • The artist profile for this track has an artist image.
  • The content uploaded is music.
  • Your content is original. You have the rights or proper clearances to promote it.
  • The quality of the music is professional and up to standard for airplay through our streaming partners.
  • Your song does not contain overly explicit material that would be deemed too offensive for airplay. Songs with explicit lyrics are generally accepted.
  • The recording quality is high. We recommend at least 250 kbps.
  • The track length is a maximum of 6 minutes.
  • Your song is targeted accurately with appropriate genres and tags in relation to the song.
  • The Soundcloud or YouTube URL for the song is for same track as the uploaded MP3 file.