Get access to exclusive premium content including a digital marketing course, educational resources, and live webinars. 

The community is a resource where you can get assistance with many different parts of the release cycle, learn more about different digital marketing best practices to grow your audience and gain insight into industry trends such as leading advertising platforms.

Our community has two different spaces for members based on your subscription tier.

The General Space grants access to anyone who joins the community with:

  • The Music Industry Group where you can ask questions or network with other members
  • Events such as live Q and A sessions with staff to answer your questions about our platform or get assistance with questions about your releases 
  • A digital marketing course to set yourself up for success at the top of your release cycle

The Premium Member Space gives any of our Pro Artist, Marketer or Pro Marketer subscription users access to:

  • Marketing templates to use for your releases such as a marketing plan and social media posting calendar
  • Access to our webinar archive on topics ranging from advertising to optimizing Pre-Save Links for success
  • Educational courses including Digital Marketing 101 to help you stay up-to-date on the latest trends