We want to keep our community a fun, positive and educational forum to discuss anything and everything related to music marketing and Feature.fm. We've established these community guidelines so we can all enjoy the platform.

Here's our set of community guidelines:

General Rules of Conduct

  • Please always be respectful towards another member and in the community. This means no profanity, name calling, harassment or other type of behavior that could be viewed as offensive. Hint: if you can't say it without thinking if it's okay it's probably not. 
  • If you have a question about the platform or an issue, please reach out to community@feature.fm. We always try to respond as quickly as possible to every request sent to us. 
  • The General section is just for our Artist tier users. 
  • The Pro Members is for our Pro Artist, Marketer, and Pro Marketer users. 

Discussion Rules

  • We will highlight a member each week on our discussion thread in the Member Spotlight post. 
  • If you have any release questions, are looking for a publicist or just need general help with something outside of Feature.fm, please post it in the Music Industry Help topic on the discussion forum.


  • Webinars will be held via Zoom and if you would like to attend you can find them listed within the Events section.