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  • What are the different types of domains to use with Feature.fm
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There are a number of reasons to utilize a Custom Domain in Feature.fm. Using Custom Domains (and Subdomains) for your Feature.fm landing pages gives you a higher level of branding, including brand uniformity and vanity, when sharing your music with fans.
Custom Domains (or Subdomains) are also necessary for setting up custom events and running custom conversion ads in the Meta Business Suite. Meta recommends the custom domain or subdomain be verified through Facebook as best practice for running these types of ads. Learn more here
Due to Facebook's recent changes, we have determined that the only way for you to continue to use conversion events properly in Facebook is if you use a custom domain in Feature.fm

What is a Custom Domain?


Custom Domains allow you to replace the "ffm.to" URL for your Feature.fm Landing pages with a domain that you own (i.e. mycustomdomain.com).

What are the different types of domains available to use with Feature.fm?

Hosted by Feature.fm

  • Standard Domain* By default, all Feature.fm links begin with ffm.to/ as the root domain and then you can edit the URL ending (aka "vanity text") which is what follows the forward slash
  • Standard Subdomain* Feature.fm does offer a semi-customized subdomain option to all paid users. This option allows a bit more personalized branding, but it is still connected to the ffm.to root domain. E.g. yourbandname.ffm.to/
  • Fully Managed Domain** Host a Custom Domain through Feature.fm that allows you to customize your branding, run paid ads through Meta, and create subdomains off the root domain. A great option for labels and music marketers that manage a roster of multiple artists

*For Standard Domains and Standard Subdomains, your URL will include FFM branding. You will not be able to advertise off of these domains through Meta 

**Fully Managed Domains are only available to Marketer and Marketer Pro customers. 

Hosted through your domain registrar

  • Custom Domain (A Record)* If you own a domain, you can connect it to your FFM account and this allows you to fully customize all of your links. For example, you can create a link like tonalblues.com/release where tonalblues.com is your custom root domain and release is your customized vanity text. Note: This custom domain must be used exclusively for Feature.fm. If your existing domain is already occupied by a website, merch store, or other DNS, then it cannot be used for your FFM links. 
  • Custom Subdomain (CNAME)* There are two types of Custom Subdomains available with Feature.fm. The first is a CNAME Subdomain that you create off of your primary domain through your domain registrar. The other is a This is a good option if you already own a root domain that is occupied by another DNS. If your root domain is tonalblues.com, you may create a subdomain like music.tonalblues.com/ to use for FFM links. 

*Both Custom Domains and Custom Subdomains allow you to completely personalize your URLs and setup custom events to run custom conversion ads through Meta. You must verify the domain through Meta first- read more on how to verify through your domain registrar here. 

In order to setup custom events and run custom conversion ads in Meta, you will need either a Custom Root Domain or a Custom Subdomain. Steps to request a Custom Domain / Subdomain here


Domain Type Link Structure Capabilities Plan
Standard Domain


Create landing pages for all upcoming and past releases 

Standard Subdomain



  Artist (1), Pro Artist (3)
Custom Domain artistname.com/abc123   Artist (1), Pro Artist (3)
Custom Subdomain music.artistname.com/abc123   Artist, Pro Artist (3)
Fully Managed Domain





How do I verify my domain through Meta?

For Custom Domains and Custom Subdomains: How do I submit my Facebook TXT Record for my Root Domain or Subdomain?

For Fully Managed Domains:

SEE THIS ARTICLE: https://help.feature.fm/hc/en-us/articles/360043281191-How-To-Create-A-Custom-Sub-domain 

Fully Managed

Yes! Once a Custom Domain is added to your Feature.fm Account, you can easily create custom Sub-Domains for your Custom Domains directly inside of your Feature.fm settings (i.e. subdomain.customdomain.to)


Am I eligible to request a Custom Domain?

It depends on your Feature.fm marketing plan and payment terms.

Find out if you're eligible for a Custom Domain


Have you determined you are eligible to use a Custom Domain?
How to request a Custom Domain


Or get a Custom Branding Packages that includes a Custom Domain

Branding Packages let you have even greater customization over the branding style of your Marketing Landing Pages. In addition to adding Custom Domains, Pro Artists and above can submit a request for our Custom Branding Package for $50/mo, which includes a custom domain. The package includes:

  • 1 custom domain (requirements same as above)
  • 1 custom favicon
  • 1 custom, hyperlinked logo on the link (clickable & routes to your domain; .GIF formats accepted)

For example:

custom branding.gif

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about Custom Domains or Branding at support@feature.fm