User Permissions for Team Account Access lets you invite your team members to access your account. Account team members will have access to your artist folders, marketing pages, ad campaigns and some settings.

Currently, there is one level of User Permissions so all invited users will have the same level of access to your account, but will not be able to access certain, higher security permissions like editing your personal info or payment methods.

What can invited users access?

Marketing Suite & Settings:

  • All options in both account and artist level “link settings” (Default stores, territory defaults, retargeting pixels)
  • Access and editing of Artist Folders
  • Access and editing of all Marketing landing pages (Smart Links, Pre-Saves, Action Pages, Short Links, Bio Links)
  • View and share insights & analytics
  • Access to the audience dashboard

Ad campaigns:

  • Create new ad campaigns and select payment method from master account
  • Modify existing ad campaign budgets
  • Full ability to start, stop and pause ad campaigns

General Account & Artist Settings

  • Ability to invite users to artist folders (Artist level permissions)
  • Ad Campaigns Management
  • Artist & Marketing Settings
  • Insights & Analytics

What is blocked for invited users?

General Account Settings:

  • Can not change master account name
  • Can not change master account email
  • Can not change master account password
  • Can not invite additional account users

Payment methods & purchasing:

  • Changing, removing or editing payment method
  • Changing or cancelling your marketing subscription plan
  • Purchasing one-time pro links

What’s the difference between Artist User Management & Team Account Access?

Artist User Management: If you are a subscribed member of the Marketing Suite, you are able to invite users, whether internal or external, to view or manage your artist folders. This permission is edited through the artist folder settings. For more information on how to invite users via Artist User Management click here.