Giving permissions to other users.

If you are a subscribed member of the Marketing Suite, you are able to invite outside users to view / manage your artist folders. 

If you have an artist account, or you're already in the artist folder, you can click on "Artist Settings" on the top right hand corner:



If you have a promoter account, and manage multiple artists, you can click into the "Artist Settings" on your homepage:

To add a new user to an artist folder, first click into the "Artist Settings":

Choose "User Management":

Enter the email address of the user you would like to add. They will then be sent an email that grants them permission to your folder. If they do not already have a account, they will be prompted to create one upon accepting the invitation. [Note: you cannot be logged into another account when accepting your invitation. You must logout first.]

You can adjust the permission level on each area of the Marketing Suite:

Admin: Access to edit everything in artist folder + create new campaigns and edit existing.
Editor: Access to create new campaigns and edit existing. Cannot adjust artist profile settings.
Reader: Access to view only.

To revoke a user's permission, click on the trash icon.