Track your retargeting efforts with your customized short link. short links help you track customer interactions once your retargeting pixels are installed. Ultimately, you’re creating a view of how your customers are interacting with your link as they listen, stream, purchase merch, buy tickets and more. You'll be able to collect valuable insights on these engagements using the short link and retargeting data where available. Some of the most valuable insights include traffic sources.

2. Stand out with Social Cards

Stand out by designing Social Cards for your Short Link. Design how your link previews appear on social media platforms. You can customize your social cards by uploading your own image, title, and description. Entice users by adding an engaging image and drive home action! This gives visitors the opportunity to understand where they will be directed even before seeing the URL.

3. Share it with Channel Tracking

Understanding where your audience is coming from is a crucial element to a successful digital marketing campaign. With's channel tracking tools, you can always ensure you know exactly where your fans clicked on your link, meaning you can effectively and accurately target your promotion, as well as learn more about your audience's behavior.

We always recommend using channel tracking when sharing your link anywhere, so you can gain a better understanding of where exactly your clicks and engagements are performing best. 

4. Make it yours

Highlight your landing page, campaigns, and contests, website, in the text of your shortened link. This will help contextualize your link for visitors and let them know what types of actions they can expect to take.

5. Shorten unnecessarily long URLs

Keep your links short and sweet. Fans visit a URL with meaning. Leave them feeling more confident clicking through a branded URL with fewer characters, rather than a clicking a messy and lengthy URL.

Rather than using a bunch of unnecessary characters, shorten up this link:

To read:

Now I know exactly where I'm going and what I'm going to do there- buy some merch!

 How To Create A Short Link