Shorten any URL to a trackable link that sends fans directly to a destination of your choice

Creating a standard Short Link with is simple and great to use when you want to send fans directly to a URL or destination without a landing page, but still use a trackable link that collects retargeting data. Use Short Links to connect fans to your merch store, tour dates, tickets, your website, an article or anywhere else.

This will ensure that anyone who clicks on this link is automatically taken to a designated page. You'll also be able to collect valuable insights on engagements using the link and retargeting data where available. Some of the most valuable insights include traffic sources. Try using our channel tracking tool to collect those insights!

1) Go to create a new Smart Link and choose “Short Link” from the menu on the link creation tab.


2) Edit the short URL to your liking and insert the URL. Then create a title.


3) Design how your link previews appear on social media platforms. Customize it by uploading your own image, title, and description.


4) Insert your pixels, affiliate codes, and google analytics code into your advanced settings. This will allow you to track the performance of your link and collect retargeting data. Now you can effectively retarget users who have clicked on your link.


This will ensure that anyone who clicks on the link below: 

 is automatically taken to the designated landing page: by clicking on this shortened link: