What is a conversion and attribution data?

A conversion is an action that a person takes on your website/app such as purchasing, registering, downloading, or viewing a particular page. Feature.fm allows you to report these actions to us, so we can report them back to you in your Feature.fm analytics dashboards. This helps you better understand how your marketing efforts result in sales.

How to install Conversion Tracking for your merch store

We've developed an API endpoint and SDK for conversion data reporting. This means you'll be able to implement it for any D2C stores to view the conversion/sales reporting in Feature.fm.

Step 1: Let us know the stores in the FFM system that you have ownership of and we'll include in the URL a custom parameter of "ffm=uniqueid".

This unique id will be used to attribute the conversion reporting. It's also being used at the end of any URL used for "Official Site" or "Official Store" generic stores.

Step 2: You can install the code found in our conversion documentation here to your merch store in order to implement the reporting back to your Feature.fm anlaytics.

If you use a 3rd party that manages your merch store such as Ochre or Kings Road Merch, please reach out to your account rep at your merch provider to ask them to add the code for you. 

 Step 3: Review your results in the new "Conversions" tab.



Step 4: Share your results with your team members by copying and pasting the URL in the upper right hand corner.

Need help installing? Contact us