What is Attribution Reporting?

Attribution reports give you more information about customer behaviors, specifically about their actions taken and what ultimately gets them to successfully complete a sale, conversion, or another goal you are measuring against. 

With Feature.fm’s attribution reports (Streaming and Sales conversion data), you are able to see beyond landing page views and clicks to services. You can also see what happens after the click-to-service, e.g. a purchase or a stream. 

Which platforms are currently supported by Feature.fm’s attribution reporting?

Feature.fm currently supports attribution reporting with Rough Trade, Anghami, Qobuz, Boomplay, YouTube and YouTube Music.

How do I use Feature.fm’s Attribution Reporting?

For Streams, this data is automatically tracked through your Feature.fm smart links that have YouTube*, YouTube Music*, Rough Trade, Anghami, Qobuz, and/or Boomplay included. 

For Sales, you can enable this type of Reporting by plugging in the Feature.fm Conversion Pixel into your merch store or D2C platform

*Note: YouTube and YouTube Music privacy rules require a minimum of 50 streams through a landing page in order for streaming data to be reported.

Who has access to Attribution Data?

This data is available to all Pro Artist, Pro Marketer and Enterprise customers. 

Where can I find these reports?

Conversion Tracking analytics are inside individual link analytics or the Insights page. Click the graph icon next to the blue Get Link button and you will see your Insights dashboard appear first. Navigate over to the Conversion dashboard, and here you will see streaming and sales data.