Feature.fm offers a number of tools that collect fan email addresses. Here's the list!

Feature.fm has a number of ways you can collect email addresses from your fans. Collecting contact information from your fans is super valuable and can be done with a number of tools in Feature.fm! Once collected, you can access and manage your fan-base through a few different areas in Feature.fm, including your central Audience Dashboard which includes other unique insights about your fans. 

Here are the ways to collect fan emails in Feature.fm:

1. Add the Email Subscribe store to your link

When you add the “Email Subscribe” store, fans can directly subscribe to your email list by entering their email address manually. Below is an example of where you can find the tool when creating a new Smart Link or Pre-Save.  



2. Pre-Saves

When a fan Pre-Saves via Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, or Deezer, they can consent to sharing their contact information with you. When a fan chooses to share their email address, you’ll get access to this information as well as which platform they use and some additional insights.

3. Action Pages

Action Pages are the perfect tool for collecting emails. You can create a highly engaging page that lets you reward fans for taking certain actions of your choice which also encourage fans to subscribe to your email list. Include actions such as Follow a Playlist, Follow an Artist, Save an Album, and more.

4. Youtube Subscribe Button

Include the new "YouTube Subscribe" store on any Pre-Save, Smart Link, or Action Page for fans to log into YouTube and subscribe to your YouTube Channel directly from your landing page. Fans can also share their email address with you to subscribe to your mailing list in the same workflow.

Check out this example try it out for yourself: ffm.to/featurefridaysub