Only Artist Representative accounts can add multiple artists.

Just click "Pink Plus Sign" and fill out the artist profile.
Make sure you include your artist's official artist pages as well as their bio. The bio that you enter will be used as the default for campaigns you create, but you can also add a custom message that overrides the default for each campaign. Click save and you're ready to create a campaign for your artist.

The information you include in your Artist's Profile will be used to share with their fans and people who listen to their songs as well as help with internal use of

After you fill out all of the information you'll be ready to create your first song campaign to get their music heard!

Here are some tips:

Choosing your artist image
Your artist image will be displayed to people who visit your Spotlight page. Make sure to include an artist image as your song campaigns can not be approved without it.

Let fans connect with you

Include all of your social and external URLs so that fans can connect with you.

Your short bio

Your short bio is used by default when promoting your songs in our streaming partners or you can customize a message for each song campaign.

Add All Your Social Media Handles

Your fans will want to know how to find you and your amazing music. Give your fans different ways to find your music by inputing your youtube url, and your social media handles.