Am I eligible to request a Custom Domain? 

Previously, Custom Domains were available only to Marketer Pro customers, but, in light of Facebook's recent changes, is introducing access to custom domains to more of our marketing customers.

It depends on your marketing plan and payment terms. Please refer to the below table to determine if you are eligible to use a custom domain in

Your Plan Annual Pricing Monthly Pricing
Artist Included Included
Artist Pro Included Included
Marketer Included Included
Marketer Pro Included Included
  • Those on monthly or annual plans subscribed to Pro Artist and above are eligible to submit Custom Domain requests.
  • Pro Artist customers are allotted one Custom Domain (or Subdomain) for their account, which must be used exclusively for
  • Pro Marketer accounts include use of one Custom Domain, but can add more custom domains for an additional charge (cost on a case by case basis determined with your Dedicated Account Manager).

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Have you determined you are eligible to use a Custom Domain?
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