Accounts on Artist, Pro Artist, Marketer, and Pro Marketer are eligible for publishing a custom domain on Doing this will allow you to create links on that use your branded domain. 

Need to upgrade to a plan with Custom Domain support? Complete that step here.

Step 1: Define your custom domain configuration

You want to first decide how you want your links to be structured and supported. There are three options for custom domains, with the last option only available for those on Pro Marketer: 

Root Domain: The root domain is the highest level of domain hierarchy (example: IMPORTANT: the domain you submit as a root domain can only be used for purposes. Do not use if your domain hosts other properties like your site or blog.

Subdomain: A subdomain will have a name before the root domain name (example: Use this option if you use your custom domain for other purposes like hosting your website. You'll want to first create the subdomain you want to use on your domain registrar.

Fully Managed: This is more advanced to set up and only available on Pro Marketer plans. Best when you want your domain to be dedicated to use only for links or don’t want to be required to use a subdomain for your links (example:

  • We will take control over managing your domain
  • You can use the full domain for your Smart Links (
  • You may create subdomains of your full domain directly inside up to your plan limit

Step 2: Configure your custom domain for publishing

Once you have decided what option you want to use for your custom domain, configure the following on your domain registrar to be aligned with criteria.

Root Domain

Go to the DNS settings in your domain registrar and create a new record with the following criteria (note that these settings can vary from registrar so if the @ does not work for Host, try using your domain name e.g.

Type: A
Host (or Hostname): @
Point to (or Target):


Go to the DNS settings in your domain registrar and create a new record with the following criteria:

Host (or Hostname): your subdomain name
Point to (or Target):

Fully Managed

To start, you will want to send an email to with your account email address, the name of the domain you want to add, and that you want to add a fully hosted domain. After we confirm that you are eligible by being on the Pro Marketer plan, we will reply with four values for nameservers. You will need to update your nameservers in your registrar. You can find where to complete this step on these popular domain registrars here: 

Optional: Get your TXT Record from Facebook in order to verify your domain in Facebook

(This step only applies to the Fully Managed option and can be skipped if you do not plan to use custom conversion events in Facebook Ads and simply are using your Custom Domain for branding purposes, although we highly recommend you set this up)

You will need to copy and provide us with the TXT record from Facebook Business Manager when you fill out the form in the next step in order to complete domain verification for Facebook. You can find it by following these steps from Facebook.

  1. Go to the Business Settings in your Facebook Business Manager 
  2. In the Business Settings, select the Brand Safety tab, and select Domains from the left side navigation list 
  3. Click on the Add button, and enter your domain in the Add a Domain pop-up dialog 
  4. Click Verify Domain and Copy the TXT record to provide to

Step 3: Send details to to submit for approval

Once you have configured your settings on your domain registrar, email the team at with the following information

  • The email address you use to login to your account
  • The the custom domain type you want to publish (Root Domain, Subdomain, Fully Managed)
  • The name of the domain or subdomain you want to publish on
  • DNS TXT Record from Facebook (if applicable)