The Analytics Page for a Deezer Campaign

'Play Sources'


Budget Spent- How much money you have spent for your campaign

Avg CCP- This number is the average cost per play for your campaign

Sponsored Plays- The number of times your song has been played for over 30 seconds

Engagements- An engagement is defined as any positive interaction taken with your song outside of listening to it. It includes favorites, shares, follows, Soundcloud clicks, etc. The example picture above shows that the artist had 5,229 engagements for his campaign. The breakdown of the engagement type will be discussed in the "Engagement Breakdown" section.

Play Sources- This tells you where your music is being played and how many times it is being played

*Note* Make sure that when you are looking at your analytics that you make the timeline for "all time" that way you can see the progress of your song throughout the whole time you have had your campaign.

'Plays Timeline'


The Play timeline explains how many times your song was played during the time period that you input. If you want to change the time period you can use the two bluish grey bars on the bottom of the graph to adjust the time period.

You can also solely look at plays or solely look at engagements by clicking plays or engagements at the top of the graph. Click the little circle that corresponds with the one that you want to solely see.

'Engagement Breakdown'


Column 1- Tells you what type of engagement your song has had.

Column 2- Tells you how many engagements of each type you have.

Pi chart(% engagements)- This tells you the approximate number of engagements of a certain type over the number of total engagements.

Example: This person has a total of 5,229 engagements. Favorites make up over 50% of the 5,229 engagements.

'Reactions to Song'


This graph shows you where people are skipping your song or making engagements. This graph also has the same capabilities as the "Plays Timeline" graph. You can solely look at skips or solely look at engagements by clicking the Skips or Engagements circle at the top of the graph. This graph is useful because it shows you where people are skipping your song and where they are making engagements.

'Gender and Ages'


The 'Gender and Ages' graph shows you who is listening to your music It tells you who's getting the sponsored play. It tells you their gender and their age group. You can also tell who is making "engagements" to your song by clicking 'Engagements' at the top left corner of the graph right next to 'Sponsored Plays'. This graph is also similar to the previous graphs in the analytics page where you can isolate a certain group and see the numbers. So if you wanted to see only the numbers for male listeners or vice versa you can click the little boxes next to male and female on the top of the graph.



This graph breaks down where your listeners are. It shows you which countries your song has been played in and how many times they have been played in those countries. You can hover over the country you want to the know the demographic for and it'll tell you the exact number. You can also tell where the "engagements" are being made by clicking 'engagements' at the top left corner of the graph. The countries that are grey are countries that haven't heard your song...yet.

'Countries and Cities'


This is a breakdown of each country the number of total sponsored plays, engagements, and percent of engagements over number of plays.