A conversion is an action that a person takes on your website/app such as checking out, registering, downloading, or viewing a particular page.

Feature.fm allows you to report these actions, so we can store it internally and report back to the campaign’s marketer.

Feature.fm conversion SDK/API will report data back if and only if the user has been referred by a SmartLink campaign.

When a fan is redirected to your page from a SmartLink campaign, a token is passed along as a URL parameter (ffm=). This token should be used to report back the conversion data. If you choose to use our web SDK (recommended), the token is automatically stored as a session cookie to be used when the user completes a transaction. This cookie expires when the session expires and lives up to three days.

When the fan completes an action, API/SDK track function/endpoint must be invoked with some data about the product (more below). If the transaction contains more than one product, the function can be called multiple times

To start using conversion data, the implementation should follow these two steps

  • Initialize the session based on the given token (ffm=)
  • Invoke ffmTrack with product data

If one or both of these criteria are not met, the conversion script will not work. For more information on FFM Conversion, click here.

In order to start using the conversion SDK/API, please contact us so we will enable it for you. Usually done in 24 hours.