Keep in mind that once you share an URL on socials like Facebook and Twitter, they will cache the original images and meta-data, so even if you change them, it could take some time for Facebook or Twitter to register.

Facebook offers a solution to re-scrape new URLs so you can re-share with the new meta-data, however.

For Facebook, you can go here: and then press "Debug" -> "Scrape Again"

For Twitter, you can learn more about their process here: and validate your Twitter Cards here:

What else can I do?

In addition to re-scraping your link, you can also take one of the below actions and Facebook / Twitter will scan your link again when you share

The below actions will actually cause Facebook and Twitter to treat your link as new URLs.

  1. Use a different Channel Link
  2. Use an !Activity link
  3. Change your Short Code to a new one (this will cause the old one to stop working)
  4. Change your sub-domain (this will cause the old one to stop working)