Feature.fm builds smart marketing, advertising, and analytics tools for the music industry, making it easy for artists and labels to promote their music to the right audience.

Feature.fm's self-serve ad platform allows you to advertise your music to your target audience through unique channels only offered by Feature.fm. We currently have three different ad products to choose from:

Sponsored Songs on Deezer
Promote your full length song in place of a traditional audio ad on the streaming radio tier of Deezer. Target your music by similar artists and genres. This is our top performing promotional tool with average engagement rates between 3% - 5%.

Popular Music Websites
Promote your music through our direct network of blogs and websites in our "Trending Music" unit. Embed either a Soundcloud or YouTube widget, and target your audience based on genre and tags. You will be charged per viewed impression, not plays.

Feature.fm's Marketing Suite gives you the power to create engaging landing pages that help to market your music on multiple services. Increase artist and playlist followings, boost your streams and sales, and gain key information on your audience through our robust set of promotional products.

Smart Link
Smart Link is a shareable, trackable url that routes fans to listen to your releases in their preferred music service. 

Fans can save your music ahead of it's release and on release day we will automatically add it to user's libraries. We currently support pre-save on Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer. Gain valuable attribution data from participating users.

Action Pages
Create gated campaigns based around a specific action taken on Spotify or Apple Music. Choose from options like "Save", "Follow Artist", "Follow Playlist", and more. Gain valuable attribution data from participating users.

All of Feature.fm's products provide real-time, advanced analytics and can send remarketing data to your various ad and social accounts.

Feature.fm aims to consolidate the digital marketing process by offering more tools than any other platform all under one roof. Our goal is to simplify the promotional process, and act as a one stop shop for all music marketing efforts.