Sponsored Songs are played to listeners through the non-interactive radio style portion of Deezer's free tier. For example, when a user plays "Electro Radio", we would play an Electronic song in place of the traditional audio ad the user would have received, and the user will still be able to interact with the song like any other on the platform. This includes adding the songs to playlists or taking further actions like visiting an artist profile, an album page, etc.
  1. The actual Sponsored Plays you see in Feature.fm will not be tracked with your distributor or collection agencies like Sound Exchange, as they are deemed advertisements and not streams.
  2. Any real streams that happen as a result of your Sponsored Songs (i.e. after someone adds you to a playlist and listens again, or goes to your album page and plays another song) WILL be tracked with Sound Exchange or with your distributor.

We created the Sponsored Songs product to help artists get exposure to real, relevant fans who can discover their music.  Feature.fm has never positioned itself as a platform where you can simply purchase streams. Just as you can promote a tweet on Twitter, or a post on Facebook, we wanted to ensure we created a space where artists can advertise their music directly within streaming service, where it makes the most sense. We hope you have been enjoying the tool and have found value in the product!