Where to find your Facebook Pixel

1. Go to your Facebook Pixel tab in FB Business Manager. 

2. If you already have a pixel set up you’ll see it here. If you do not have pixel set up, see next step.

3. If you don't have your Pixel ID set up, follow these instructions to set up your Facebook Pixel

1. Select "Add new data source"
2. Choose "Facebook Pixel"

3. Enter your Pixel Name and press "Continue"

4. Choose "Manually add pixel code to website"

5. On the "Install Pixel" screen, just scroll down and click "Continue." We'll install the pixel for you in Feature.fm when you add the pixel to your account.

5. On the "Set up Events" page, press "Cancel." No need to set up events, our technology sends events for you.

6. Now you can view your Pixel ID. Take this ID and enter it in Feature.fm.

Where to find your Google Adwords Pixel:

  1. Log in to your Adwords account.

  2. Select “tools”(at the top of the page, next to “Reports”) 

3. Select “Audience sources” in the Audience manager page, then click “details”.

4. Scroll down and open up the drop down for AdWords Tag setup Instruction and tag code.

5. You will see your Pixel ID in three places. Copy just the numeric value (NOT “AW-”) and paste that ID in Feature.fm.

Google Adwords Pixel Setup 

  1. Log in to your Adwords account.

  2. Select “tools”(at the top of the page, next to “Reports”) 

  3. Click the plus button.

  4. Click Website.

  5. Create a conversion name.

  6. Create a conversion action description.

  7. Select how to track the value of each conversion.

  8. Select how to count your conversions.

  9. Select how long you'd like to track conversions after ad interaction.

  10.  Select how long to track view-through conversions 

  11. Click Include in “Conversions.”

  12. Click Create and continue.

For more information on how to setup Google Adwords Pixel, click here

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