Direct to Store Links are used when you want to share a link that sends fans directly to a store and completely skip the landing page.

These are super useful when you want to send fans directly to a store and still collect analytics and retargeting data.

Every Multi-Store Smart Link you create allows you to generate Direct to Store links for each of the included services.

  1. Go to your Smart Links in

  2. Click "Get Link"

  3. Hover over "Direct Link" and click the "+" sign

  4. Click on the service you need to get the Direct to Store link

  5. Use the value at the end of the URL ([shortcode]/[servicename]

Check this video on how to do it

At the end of any URL, you can simply add /servicename at the end for the store you want to send fans to.

For example, if you take the URL and add then it will skip the landing page and take you directly to Spotify.

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