You can tell the total amount of people who have successfully completed your pre-save by scrolling down on your analytics dashboard and looking at the number displayed on your pre-save summary: 

This means that 1794 (example) users successfully completed the pre-save action from start to end. They got as far as connecting their account to and received the "success message". This does not indicate whether they clicked on the "continue" button afterwards.

The numbers that you see displayed on the top of your analytics dashboard help to break down your overall clicks. Here is what each of those numbers mean:

1) Total link clicks: the amount of times your link received a click (this could be include one person clicking multiple times, not uniques)

2) Unique users: how many times an individual person clicked on your link (they could have clicked more than once, as we can see the total link clicks are higher on this campaign)

3) Clicks to service: how many times an action button was clicked on by a user (again, this could include one person clicking multiple times...they could leave the page open and click on it a few times before closing, etc.)

Just because someone clicks on a service (that 8.3k number), it doesn't indicate that they completed the pre-save. Always use the summary for that definitive number!

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